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Caronah Cassell-Johnson started her love of fashion at the age of 5 years old when she ask for her the first pair of high heel shoes.
Caronah attended college at AIU in Atlanta, GA, she graduated with a double major in Fashion Design and Fashion Marketing. Caronah has been creating the custom gowns since her graduation. 
Caronah received a second chance and realized the importance of life when she was  diagnosed with breast cancer.  After her battle she became devoted and determined to follow her dreams and pursue her passion in fashion industry as a designer.  Her goal has always been to design clothing for the everyday women, with a primary focus of making every women to feel beautiful in her clothing.
 Also, active board member at Gloria Gemma Cancer Foundation Resource.

Caronah CassellDesigns

Caronah Cassell Designs creates fine casual wear, wedding gowns, evening and cocktail dresses. All the pieces are crafted and designed by Caronah in her Rhode Island studio from the finest fabrics, leather, tapestries and trims gathered from around the world.
The goal has always been to design clothing for the everyday women. We focus on making every women to feel and look beautiful in her clothing..